Some of our Suggested Reading Materials.....

Here are a few of our favorite books and music on Labrador Retrievers, obedience, field training, puppy raising and more!
Please feel free to ask us more about them.

Paws to Consider: Choosing the Right Dog for You and Your Family
by Brian Kilcommons, Sarah Wilson

Too many people decide to get a dog without REALLY knowing what to expect from a particular breed. This book seems pretty honest in it's suggestions, as opposed to some that seem to sugar coat expectations of certain breeds.

Anything by Dr. McConnell. listened to her CD, recommend her booklets and really like her work.
We love Way to Go! How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age.

Patricia Mcconnell is one of our favorite authors, and we give out "The Puppy Primer" to new families

Anything by Jane Killion - You need her book on Puppy Fitness That Fits the Puppy

Pet Music

Sent this CD to my friend Christine Harris when I sent Tully over to England.

Book of the Labrador Retriever
by Anna Katherine Nicholas

A "Classic" Labrador Book that gives a lot of information on old kennels and the history of our breed.

Culture Clash
by Jean Donaldson

It could use an index, but I picked up some really good tips from this.

She says that our dogs are "Lemon Brains, but we love them". I think it is good to remember that they are dogs, and that sometimes we expect them to be human-like. Not really fair at all... This is a book that "will change the way people think of their dogs".

Dogs are from Neptune
by Jean Donaldson

Another book by Jean Donaldson that contains a "TON of clear, organized and specific information on aggression, both to people and to dogs, as well as great information on solving other kinds of behavior problems.

The Labrador Retriever: The Dog That Does It All
By Lisa Weiss, Emily Eiegel, Nancy Martin

A very nice book, contributed to by several highly recognized people in the field of Labradors.

The Versatile Labrador Retriever

by Marianne Foote (Editor), Nancy A. Martin, Luana Luther

Ms. Martin was highly respected regarding her experience with Labrador Retrievers in her time.
Lots of good stuff on the Labrador History.

The Right Dog for You
by Daniel F. Tortora

This book is another tool to help you prevent mismatches BEFORE you decide! It has a nice questionnaire in the back!

The Canine Good Citizen : Every Dog Can Be One
by Joachim Volhard, Wendy Volhard, Melissa Bartlett (Illustrator),

How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With
by Clarice Rutherford, David H. Neil

This book is a nice one on puppy raising

Retriever Puppy Training: The Right Start for Hunting
by Clarice Rutherford, Cherylon Loveland

Other book suggestions:

Management Magic and Really Reliable Recall
We've used Management Magic at our Obedience Club. Haven't read Really Reliable Recall, but it looks good. I love Management Magic - simple concepts that work!

Don't Shoot the Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training
by Karen Pryor

How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks
by Dr. Ian Dunbar

by Karen Pryor

Dog Behavior: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet
by Dr. Ian Dunbar

Labrador Retriever for Dummies
by Joel Walton and Eve Adamson

The Toolbox for Remodeling Your Problem Dog
Terry Ryan

The Dog Whisperer: A Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training
Paul Owens

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